Zenith Splintershield

Crazy prophetic ruler of Bhal-Hamatugn


The FOC was hired to retrieve Zenith from Bhal-Hamatugn by his father,Davked Splintershield. When they found him, however, he was completely insane, and babbling something about “The Smoking Eye”. He spouted a number of prophesies, predicting the doom of various party members, until they got fed up and attacked him. They had planned just to knock him out, but when he dropped to -1 hp and his defensive stance ended, he immediately died from constitution loss. Returning his body still earned them the promised reward, however.

In happier times, Zenith was the ruler of the Malachite Hold, which was itself overrun by Underdark slavers led by Kazmogen (until the FOC cleared it out in their first adventure). Zenith was an effective ruler, until he decided to go on a crusade to liberate the Underdark from evil. The Underdark preferred not to be liberated, and Zenith’s entire retinue was slaughtered. Zenith himself only survived because the Kuo-Toa believed him to be some sort of prophet, causing them to immediately appoint him leader of their community.

The FOC last saw Zenith being ripped in half by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Zenith Splintershield

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