Zarn Kyass

"Security Contractor" for Cauldron, Half-Orc Wholesaler


Zarn Kyass is apparently the source of the Half-Orc mercenaries in Cauldron. Not much is known about the man just yet, but apparently he dislikes the Last Laugh and likes sitting alone in dark rooms.

Lord Ankhin Taskerhill tried to set Zarn up with his daughter Annah. Annah wasn’t thrilled with the idea.

Zarn and Terseon Skellerang hired the Stormblades to investigate a warehouse (formerly owned by Maavu Arlintal, purchased at government auction by one “Hugh Jass”) that they believed was being used as a staging area for Last Laugh activities. They were offered 20,000 gold, 5000 upfront, for concrete results in the fight against the gang. On the night of the job, the Stormblades scryed on Zarn using a crystal ball. He appeared to be sitting alone in the dark, somewhere in House Rhiavadi, where he seems to be living currently. Shortly afterwards, while staking out the warehouse, the group were attacked by a powerful Tiefling sorcerer (who seemed angry about them breaking up his slave ring earlier that week), a pair of heavily-armoured ogre fighters, and a bone devil.

Considering the only person wearing Last Laugh colours at the warehouse was actually helping them fight the bone devil, it’s probably a good thing that Coryston Pike negotiated a minimum price for the job.

Zarn was last seen sitting alone in the dark room, before everything started going badly. The FOC have never met him.

Zarn Kyass

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