Zachary Aslaxin II

Cleric/Ranger, Scion of the Aslaxin family, Stormblades member


When Annah Taskerhill decided to found the Stormblades, Zachary was the first to join. As a cleric of Kord he often acts as the moral centre of the group, although he is still learning exactly what that means. He is in a long-term relationship with fellow Stormblades member Cora Lathenmire, who is generously described as “a bit clingy”.

Zachary’s father, Lord Zachary Aslaxin I, is the owner of the Coy Nixie social club, the second most exclusive social club in Cauldron. Much to his father’s annoyance, Zachary prefers to spend his time with the Stormblades at the Cusp of Sunrise, the Coy Nixie’s more up-scale competition.

Zachary was last seen helping the Stormblades clear out Imron Gauthfallow’s mansion, but he had to leave on urgent family business. He’s certain that the group should have no trouble getting by without him for a day or two.

Zachary Aslaxin II

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