Lord Vhalantru

First-generation noble and sponsor of adventurers


Lord Vhalantru is the head of the second-youngest noble house in Cauldron (after the Vanderborens). Many years ago, Vhalantru essentially bought his way into lordship by moving to Cauldron and investing enormous amounts of money in local businesses and real estate. A very charitable man, Lord Vhalantru is probably one of the most beloved nobles in town due to his campaign to drastically improve living conditions in the city’s lakeside districts (where the town’s poorest citizens live). His regular sponsorship of local adventuring parties has also proven popular with the masses.

When asked whether “Vhalantru” is a first or last name, he explains that he is simply “Vhalantru”, as family names are generally not used in his home country. Regardless, he has elected to follow the local naming custom for his adopted son Terrem Vhalantru (formerly Terrem Kharatys, one of the orphans the FOC rescued from the Malachite fortress).

Following the death of Lord Mayor Severen Navalant, Vhalantru was appointed acting mayor of Cauldron in an emergency session of the city’s council of nobles. He has not reversed any of the policies of his predecessor, meaning the city’s high taxes and use of half-orc mercenaries continue. However, he did give the FOC the key to the city upon their return from Occipitus.

He was last seen by the FOC arresting all of Cauldron’s remaining priests of Wee Jas. When Quinn asked him not to rely on Zarn Kyass’ half-orc mercenaries (as some of them were working for the temple), Vhalantru appointed Sergeant Skylar Krewis as head of the new task force.

Lord Vhalantru

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