Todd Vanderboren

Rogue, adopted son of the Vanderborens, Stormblades member


Todd is the adopted son of Lady Aeberrin and Lord Premiach Vanderboren, Cauldron’s newest noble family. Todd never really got along with his adoptive parents, and clashes with them constantly. His latest act of rebellion was joining the Stormblades, although his parents have been annoyingly supportive of this venture so far. He strongly dislikes the FOC, especially Quinn, who always seems to get more attention from his parents.

Todd was recently killed by a physical manifestation of insanity and rage, and spent some time in the abyss as a giant maggot. After returning to life, he decided to make amends for his past misdeeds. He hasn’t quite got the hang of being “nice” yet, though.

Todd Vanderboren

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