Thifirane Rhiavadi

Noble who throws the most LOVELY parties


Anyone who is anyone wants to attend the parties at House Rhiavadi. Lady Thifirane is known as a gracious host and a trend-setter of impeccable taste. Her home, while not the largest in Cauldron, is by far the most ostentatious in the city, due to its extravagant fixtures and daring architecture. In all the city, only the Temple of Wee Jas inspires more awe.

As an accomplished wizard, Thifirane spends much of her time at the Temple of Wee Jas. Rumour has it that High Priestess Embril Aloustani has repeatedly asked her to join the church as a priestess, but Thifirane has shown no interest in a life of religious worship.

The Stormblades last saw Thifirane after a paint construct undead cyclops threatened to ruin an otherwise lovely party. The FOC has never met her, as far as I can remember.

Thifirane Rhiavadi

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