Terseon Skellerang

Guard captain of Cauldron


Terseon (not “Tereson” as I might have said previously) is the captain of Cauldron’s city guard.

Sir Alek Tercival, at the urging of The Chisel, challenged him to a duel, then disappeared. When rumours about the paladin being possessed by demons and/or being used by an evil anti-establishment conspiracy based in Redgorge, Skellerang responded by mobilizing the town’s considerable mercenary force. When Alek rescinded the challenge and apologized about the whole thing, the mayor forced Skellerang to back down.

Terseon Skellerang was last seen by the Stormblades enjoying a nice cup of tea, unaware that he was being scryed on. I can’t recall whether or not the FOC has ever met the man. Skellerang probably doesn’t remember either.

Terseon Skellerang

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