Terrem Vhalantru

Adopted jerk son of Lord Vhalantru


Terrem Kharatys was the black sheep at the Lantern Street Orphanage. While he was often troublesome, the staff were still sad that he was kidnapped (although they were a bit sadder about the other children who were taken). His attitude even caused problems for Kazmogen, the half-dwarf/half-troll who tried to sell him into slavery. When the FOC arrived on the scene, Kazmogen was having considerable trouble negotiating with a Duergar over the price of the unruly child.

After the children were rescued, Terrem was adopted by Cauldron’s own Daddy Warbucks, Lord Vhalantru. The little brat is now heir to one of the largest fortunes in Cauldron.

The FOC did some brief genealogical research on the kid at the library in the Cusp of Sunrise, and found that his parents were adventurers. His mother’s cause of death was listed as “Carcerian curse”.

The Stormblades last saw Terrem when they briefly accepted him as a probationary member of the group, mostly to suck up to his father. Terrem was around when they attempted to taunt the FOC into a fight, but the group couldn’t stand him for much longer than that (surprisingly Todd actually got along okay with him, but wouldn’t admit it to the others). The FOC last saw him at the Cusp of Sunrise with Lord Vhalantru, where he was being uncharacteristically not horrible.

Not much has been seen of Terrem recently, as Lord Vhalantru has reportedly sent him to be schooled in Sasserine until Cauldron’s current troubles die down.

Terrem Vhalantru

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