Skylar Krewis

City guard sergeant with strange taste in friends


Skylar Krewis was the first responding officer when the FOC first assembled and rescued Rufus Laro from Last Laugh thugs. He’s an honest, good natured fellow, which makes his friendship with Doug all the more bizarre.

Skylar has provided information and assistance on various occasions. They got the chance to return the favour when Skylar was trapped in the middle of a raging tax riot. The party managed to get him to safety, and he in turn was able to help stop a squad of half-orc mercenaries from opening fire on the crowd.

Following the raid on the temple of Wee Jas, acting mayor Vhalantru appointed Skylar to a special task force charged with rounding up Cauldron’s remaining priests of Wee Jas.

Skylar Krewis

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