Skie Aldersun

Ex-Adventurer proprietor of "Skie's Treasury", Gnome


Skie used to be an adventurer, until her party got wiped out in an unfortunate encounter with a beholder. While the event ensured that she would never again be an adventurer herself, she enjoys living vicariously through her adventurer customers. The outside of her shop is emblazoned with the (Gnomish) names of the many adventuring parties that have graced her shop over the years, including the Stormblades and the FOC.

Skie got the starting capital for her magic shop by making a deal with Maavu Arlintal, who wanted to exploit a tax loophole for gnomish-made magic items. They’ve been business partners ever since.

Skie purchased the digging robot that the FOC recovered from the ruins of Jzadirune. She later rented out the robot to the Stormblades so they could cave-in those same ruins (in the hopes of stopping the spread of the Vanishing). Although it later came to light that the FOC unknowingly sold her at least one magic item infected with the magical disease, she bears them no ill-will.

Skie was last seen by both parties on the other side of her shop counter, selling them some valuable piece of magical gear.

Skie Aldersun

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