Shensen Tesseril

Half-Drow, half-monk, half-druid


Shensen Tesseril used to be the minder of the shrine to Fharlanghn at the Lucky Monkey Inn until Tongue-Eater and the Ebon Triad (along with a number of hired Alleybashers) trashed the Inn and killed everyone inside. Now she spends much of her time around the central lake in Cauldron, helping Kristof Jurgenson (Cauldron’s only Cleric of Pelor) purify the waters.

She is a member of the Striders of Fharlanghn, and has assisted the party on a few occasions. Of all the Striders, Shensen seems the least comfortable with subterfuge. She apparently convinced Fellian and Fario to tell the party who they were and what they were doing in Cauldron.

Shensen teamed up with the FOC to take down Adrick Garthun (when somebody forgot his character sheet). Sadly, the party only found Adrick’s paint-dopplegangers, and the real Adrick presumably remains at large.

Shensen Tesseril

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