Severen Navalant

Shamelessly self-aggrandizing mayor of Cauldron


With each of the FOC’s victories, Mayor Severen Navalant has been there (to soak up their reflected fame). When told that the heroes of the Malachite Fortress were called “The Friends of Circumstance” it was Severen who re-branded them as “The Friends of Cauldron”.

Severen does not have a reputation as a decisive or forceful political leader, but he found a measure of backbone when he forced an end to the invasion of Redgorge.

Severen was last seen by the Stormblades having a private meeting with Lord Vhalantru. He was last seen by the FOC on the night Cauldron almost flooded, leeching off of their successful recovery of the wands of control water from the Ebon Triad.

Sometime during the party’s trip to Occipitus, mayor Navalant was killed. Reports indicate that he was slain by bandits while on a secret trip to procure aid from Sasserine. Lord Vhalantru has been named acting mayor in his absence.

Severen Navalant

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