Rufus Laro

Well-meaning junior cleric of St. Cuthbert


Rufus was the first person the FOC ever helped. Before they were called FOC, even before they considered themselves a group, the party was just a random assortment of bystanders who happened to hear Rufus call for help while getting stomped on by a group of Last Laugh thugs. To thank the party for their help, Rufus brought them to the Church of St. Cuthbert to arrange a reward. While there, Jenya Urikas asked them to undertake a quest to find the people who had been disappearing from Cauldron, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Rufus was Doug’s cohort for a while, but apparently he’s not interested in the leadership feat anymore. Nidrama took Rufus to Occipitus after the FOC took control of the plane, and tasked him with rooting out the more concentrated chunks of evil that might prevent Oklo from converting Occipitus back into a good-aligned plane. He is being helped by Tiluclatl, the Coatl that the FOC freed from an evil cyst, and Halalia, the avoral guardinal who was press-ganged into being part of the Test of the Smoking Eye.

Rufus Laro

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