Rashid Al-Feln

Taciturn bounty-hunter, probationary Stormblades member


Rashid offered his services to the Stormblades while they were on the trail of the renegade half-elves Fario Ellegoth and Fellian Shard. While this hunt eventually proved fruitless, Rashid impressed the group enough that he was allowed to stay on for future adventures.

Rashid is tight-lipped about his past, saying only that he comes from a land far to the North-East of Cauldron, and has worked as a bounty hunter for many years.

In reality, Rashid al-Feln is merely an alter ego (and anagram) of Fellian Shard. He continues to use this disguise to keep an eye on the Stormblades, and was last seen travelling with them to the Keep of Jarl Khurok.

Rashid Al-Feln

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