Lord Premiach Vanderboren

Nouveau-riche aristocrat, uncomfortable with nobility.


Premiach Vanderboren (Or “Vandy” as he likes to be called) left his home and family in Sasserine when he was still a teenager, running away with the woman he would later marry, Aeberrin. The Sasserine Vanderborens come from a long line of nobles and adventurers with considerable wealth and power, but Premiach had no interest in the privileged life of a noble (or the dangerous world of his adventurer ancestors).

Starting out as a courier in Cauldron, he and Aeberrin eventually saved up enough money to begin investing in business and real estate. With Premiach’s keen business sense and his wife’s talent for negotiation, the Vanderborens were an unstoppable duo. Despite their continued charitable spending (they are far more passionate about making money than hoarding it), the Vanderborens quickly joined the ranks of Cauldron’s wealthiest and most influential citizens. In recognition of their wealth, talents, and dedication to the city of Cauldron, Lord Mayor Severen Navalant officially inducted the Vanderborens into the city’s nobility just over 8 years ago. Premiach has mixed feelings about this decidedly ironic turn of events.

The Vanderborens own a number of properties, business, and charitable organizations in Cauldron and the surrounding settlements, including the Lantern Street Orphanage. They are currently less active in making new investments, due to the poor economic climate caused by skyrocketing taxes and a general aura of fear and uncertainty in the city.

Many years ago, when they were merely “rich” rather than “very rich”, the Vanderborens adopted a sullen child named Todd. While he does love his adopted son, Premiach has great difficulty relating to the boy (perhaps due to the difficulties he had with his own father). He prefers not to ‘interfere’ in Todd’s life, in the hopes that he will ‘find his own way’ like Premiach himself did. Todd’s ‘way’, unfortunately, involved associating with street gangs and committing petty crimes, for which his embarrassed parents paid large sums of money to smooth over. While Premiach does not really understand the allure of adventuring, he is generally very supportive of Todd’s membership in the Stormblades, as he figures it gives Todd an outlet for his destructive impulses.

Premiach and Aeberrin are also the sponsors of FOC member Quinn. Premiach doesn’t really understand what is involved in archaeology, or what inherent value it might have, but it seemed like an awfully important cause when Quinn was explaining it. At the very least, he figures that decorating his mansion with antiques should significantly increase the resale value.

The Stormblades last saw the Vanderborens rushing from City Hall towards the Cathedral of Wee Jas to see their recently murdered son.

The FOC last saw Premiach arguing with the guards on their behalf, after they had finished killing everyone and everything inside Cauldron’s most powerful temple.

Lord Premiach Vanderboren

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