Orak Stonehaven

Bathhouse owner, Alleybasher, ex-adventurer


Orak Stonehaven used to be an adventurer like you, until he took at dart trap to the eye. Luckily, he found a decanter of endless water in the same dungeon he lost his eye, and used it to start up a much less dangerous business in Cauldron. Now he wears a spiffy eyepatch with a ruby in it.

Orak was hired by the Alleybashers to teach their gang how to fight. He later assisted the FOC directly by joining them in fighting the Ebon Triad in the Kopru Ruins outside of town (after the party’s half-orc inquisitor’s head exploded).

Orak was last seen trying to explain to the authorities why there was a tunnel under his place of business leading to Minuta’s Board, a flophouse that served as the Alleybashers main base of operations until most of the space was taken up by town guard mercenaries (also it was burned down by fire elementals.)

Orak Stonehaven

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