Oliron Masht

Leader of the Chisel, "The Foreman", a bit long-winded


Oliron Masht is a celebrated architect and wizard from Sasserine. He is also the leader of The Chisel, an organization of merchants and craftsmen intended to promote goodness, law, and fair trade in the region. Oliron admits that they have fallen short of those goals in recent years, instead focusing on the personal interests of Chisel members. After recent troubling events, Oliron has vowed to rededicate himself and his organization to their founding principles.

The FOC met Oliron when they were invited to a Chisel meeting by Maavu Arlintal after his plan to challenge Terseon Skellerang’s authority backfired spectacularly. Oliron says that the plan was good intentioned, but caused more harm than good.

Oliron was last seen walking with the FOC along the Basalt Bastions of Redgorge, using the decaying fortifications as a visual metaphor for the relative ease of establishing order and harmony, and the difficulty of maintaining it in the long term.

Oliron Masht

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