Guardian angel of the Cauldron region


When Surabar Spellmason founded Redgorge almost 700 years ago, he attracted the ire of Nabthatoron, lord of the Demonscar. It was Nidrama who warned Surabar of Nabthatoron’s approach, and gave him the quarterstaff “Alakast” to help him defend his new home. With Nidrama’s help, Surabar defeated Nabthatoron and broke the back of the demonic forces in the region. Years later, as Redgorge outgrew its walls, Surabar founded a second, more defensible home in Cauldron. Some say that Nidrama has continued to watch over the two cities over the centuries, ensuring Surabar’s legacy would survive.

The FOC met Nidrama shortly before entering the ruins of Vaprak’s Voice. She warned them to beware her “false sisters” (the hags who had disguised themselves as archons) and that Alakast (long ago stolen from Surabar Spellmason’s tomb) lay within.

Nidrama’s voice was heard again coming from the ruined corpse of Alek Tercival, after he was killed by Nabthatoron. She advised the party to “trust the sign of the smoking eye”. Conveniently, a half-Demodand sorcerer named Kaurophon, who wears the image of a skull with a smoking eye on his robes, had just arrived to assist them in fighting Nabthatoron.

After Kaurophon betrayed the FOC, Oklo chose to sacrifice himself to the pillar of plasma at the centre of Occipitus. Nidrama stepped in to save Oklo, giving him the sign of the smoking eye and (supposedly) control over the plane itself.

Nidrama was last seen by the Stormblades escorting Doug through the streets of Sigil, and shutting down any scrying sensors that happened to be spying on him.


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