The party's mimic friend


Moehogany is a mimic, and as such enjoys pretending to be inanimate objects. While some consider him a “monster” his dealings with the FOC seem to show that he’s really not such a bad guy, really. He did threaten to eat Keygan Ghelve’s familiar, Starbrow, but he has since apologized to Keygan.

Moe met the FOC in the abandoned Gnomish settlement of Jzadirune, where he was employed by a gang of Skulks and Dark Creepers to hold on to Keygan Ghelve’s rat familiar, Starbrow. After some tense hostage negotiation (in which Moe was offered cheese in exchange for the rat) Moe relinquished the rat and provided the FOC with intelligence on the rest of the dungeon.

While Moe did not speak common when he first decided to live in Cauldron, he has since picked up the language by enrolling in the Bluewater Academy’s CSL program (he pretended to be a desk). Similarly, he has managed to outfit himself with a collection of magic potions by disguising himself as a chest at the shop “Weer’s Elixirs”.

The Stormblades last saw Moe after he helped the Stormblades clear out and collapse Jzadirune in an effort to stop the spread of the Vanishing. His adhesive ability was causing problems, however, during the mandatory decontamination process, and so he spent most of the subsequent meeting wrestling over a mop with Rufus Laro.

After the foray into the Haunted Village, the FOC received a visit from a talking hat rack in a cloak (which might be mistaken for a tall, skinny man at a distance). This hat rack was actually Moehogany, who had arrived to tell the party about shady dealings at Garthun’s Imports. Evidently, Adrick Garthun had been shipping necromantic supplies out to the Haunted Village. This gave the FOC enough reason to seek out the slimy little merchant, eventually leading them to uncover the treachery at the heart of the temple of Wee Jas.


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