Halfling Alleybasher, Doug's friend


Maple was one of the Cauldronites taken by the gang of Skulks and Dark Creepers working for the Half-Dwarf/Half-Troll Kazmogen. She was rescued by the FOC during their very first adventure, and was able to assist them in freeing the kidnapped orphans in the next room over. In fact, Maple was the one who landed the killing blow on Kazmogen.

Maple is usually the most outspoken and proactive member of the Alleybashers, aside from Doug. Mostly because I can’t be bothered to come up with another NPC to use when Doug is interacting with the Alleybashers.

Maple was last seen by Doug during the meeting where the Alleybashers decided to take over the abandoned Lucky Monkey Inn (ironic, considering the more violent members of the gang were involved in its destruction, before being killed by the FOC).


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