Maavu Arlintal

Tax-phobic merchant, Chisel member


Maavu Arlintal is perhaps best known for his crazy tax-avoidance schemes (like digging under the foundation of his business and filling it with water to re-classify it as a boat). To his credit, much of the dividends of his libertarian fervour were generally passed on to consumers. He struck a deal with the FOC early in their career to purchase their excess weapons and armour at standard resale prices, and thus was a lucrative partnership born.

Shortly before their adventure to “save” Zenith Splintershield from Bhal-Hamatugn, the FOC fought an Umber Hulk that burst out of the floor of Maavu’s warehouse. Maavu claims that he was in Redgorge on business at the time, but rumours began to circulate that he had summoned the creature himself as part of some elaborate tax-avoidance scheme.

When the increased taxes and militarization of the town guard grew intolerable, Maavu turned his hand to rabble-rousing. He organized a rally in front of city hall to announce Alek Tercival’s challenge to guard captain Terseon Skellerang (apparently arranged with Alek’s approval weeks before). The rally quickly turned into a riot when several half-orc mercenary guardsmen were murdered, and Maavu was attacked by a summoned creature. The FOC rescued him, and he invited them to meet The Chisel in Redgorge for an explanation.

At the meeting, Maavu introduced the FOC to “The Foreman” Oliron Masht, leader of The Chisel. Oliron explained that The Chisel was founded to promote goodness, law, and fair trade in the region, but that it had fallen short of those goals in recent years. He also explained that The Chisel was being used as a scapegoat precisely because it could undermine the forces of evil in the region (the organization has long been Redgorge’s primary defence against Nabthatoron, and the forces of the Demonscar.

Maavu was at the meeting with The Chisel in Redgorge, where he got into a bit of a spat with Ekaym Smallcask “The Honest Minstrel”. Maavu’s Chisel codename is “Camel Driver”, if you were wondering.

Maavu was last seen resuming his old business after receiving a pardon or his alleged crimes. His tax-avoidance schemes have gone into overdrive recently.

Maavu Arlintal

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