Keygan Ghelve

Easily manipulated Gnomish owner of "Ghelve's Locks"


Keygan Ghelve was widely regarded as the best locksmith in town, until it became known that he provided skeleton keys to a group of Skulks and Dark Creepers who were kidnapping Cauldronites and selling them into slavery. While Ghelve was under duress (they kidnapped his rat familiar) and he eventually helped the FOC recover the victims, his business has suffered greatly after the incident.

Keygan’s shop is situated directly over the entrance to the now-demolished Gnomish settlement of Jzadirune. When a group of Skulks and Dark Creepers found their way up to the surface, they found the perfect way to sneak into people’s homes and take them as slaves. They took Keygan’s rat, Starbrow, and forced him to help in their schemes. Under the FOC’s questioning, he admitted to his wrongdoing and gave them advice on avoiding the traps on Jzadirune’s gear-doors. The party eventually rescued Starbrow by negotiating his release from the mouth of the mimic, Moehogany, who they subsequently befriended.

As part of his community service, Keygan briefly joined the Stormblades to help them demolish Jzadirune in an effort to stop the spread of the Vanishing. As one of the town’s more successful merchants, he is also a member of the Chisel.

The FOC last saw Keygan Ghelve briefly during the meeting with the Chisel in Redgorge. The Stormblades last saw him at the Temple of St. Cuthbert, wearing a bathrobe, after the party’s mandatory decontamination.

Keygan Ghelve

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