Half-Demodand sorcerer, wants to be judged for his actions


The FOC has just met Kaurophon. He helped them escape the desert, and seems to be on the level. He detects as evil, but he says that that’s just because of his unfortunate heritage. The voice of Nidrama coming from Alek Tercival’s corpse told the party to “trust the sign of the smoking eye”. Kaurophon wears the image of a skull with a smoking eye on his robes, so that seems like a pretty decent endorsement.

Upon arriving in Sigil, he arranged for a planar courier to deliver Alek Tercival’s body to the Church of St. Cuthbert, then brought the party to a private room in the “Smouldering Corpse Inn”. There, he explained, in great detail, the history of the layer of the Abyss known as Occipitus, and his plan to appoint a new ruler there.

He also explained that he had briefly worked with the Cagewrights to gain more information about Occipitus. As a result, he was able to share some of their secrets with the FOC. Evidently, the Cagewrights are looking for people called “Shackleborn”, who must be sacrificed in order to create a bridge between the material plane and the plane of Carceri.

After helping the FOC reach the final stage of the test of the smoking eye, which required the applicant to sacrifice an ally to the column of plasma at the centre of Occipitus, Kaurophon showed his true colours and turned on the party. The party defeated Kaurophon, but couldn’t bring themselves to sacrifice him to the plasma.

Later, Doug decided that he could bring himself to sacrifice Kaurophon, but unfortunately they had ceased to be “allies” after the fight, the drawn-out conversation about whether to kill him, and the party’s decision to let him bleed to death in the test chamber.


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