Jenya Urikas

Resolute High Priestess of St. Cuthbert


Jenya recently became high priestess of St. Cuthbert in Cauldron after the death of the previous high priest, Sarcem Delasharn. As high priestess, she holds the +1 holy heavy mace “Star of Justice”, which allows the wielder to cast divination once per week. She has been one of the FOC’s primary allies and patrons. She is also the childhood friend of Sir Alek Tercival.

Jenya first met the FOC after they had saved the priest Rufus Laro from a gang of Last Laugh thugs. Impressed with the group (and somewhat desperate) she hired them to track down a number of missing persons, leading to the FOC’s first major adventure.

She later asked the FOC to save high priest Sarcem Delasharn and recover the wands of control water he was carrying before the monsoon season could flood the city. They arrived too late to save Sarcem (who was killed by the werebaboon, Tongue-Eater) but they were able to track down the wands and kill the villains responsible (The Ebon Triad).

Later still, she implored the PCs to find Alek Tercival after he had gone missing, and gave them advice on where to look for clues (although the Star of Justice was little help this time).

Once Alek was returned to Cauldron, Jenya began counselling him to help him overcome his loss of faith. Seeing that Alek was going to need more than just therapy and theology, Jenya asked the FOC to bring him along on a quest to restore his self-esteem. She figured that it was a “paladin thing” or a “warrior thing” or maybe just a “guy thing”, and that killing something is what he really needs. She may have been right, as Alek appears to be feeling much better after his little trip to the Haunted Village.

After the FOC (and the newly re-paladined Alek) stormed the Temple of Wee Jas, Jenya helped them discover the location of the Spell-Weaver ruin called Karran-Kural. The Star of Justice provided the needed clues: “It lies between fire and water, deep underground. The path begins at the temple gates, if you can but find it”. The party immediately realised that this was a clever reference to the 6th-level cleric spell find the path, which Jenya was happy to cast on their behalf.

Jenya Urikas

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