"Crazy" Jared

Crazy hermit bard, True King of Anduria


Crazy Jared is, well, crazy. He lives in a world of his own making, where he is actually King Jared I of Anduria (a nation which does not exist), a fair and prosperous country which stands in opposition to the evil realm of Kheltos (also imaginary) and it’s sadistic demon-queen (probably also not real).

When the FOC arrived at Jared’s hut, he was under attack by a red dragon named Gotrrod, who Jared believes to be the son of the long-dormant ancient red dragon “Hookface”. The party managed to slay the dragon, and received Jared’s royal gratitude, as well as the use of the luxurious pavilion conjured by his rod of splendor.

Jared, being a bard of decently high level, was able to provide additional information about Bhal-Hamatugn, although the useful bits were mixed in with nonsensical babbling about “Anduria” and “Kheltos”.

The FOC last saw Jared as they were returning from Bhal-Hamatugn. He tried to summon the pavilion for them again, but his rod of splendor had not yet recharged. He didn’t seem to notice.

"Crazy" Jared

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