Imron Gauthfallow

Genius with paint-magic, turned crazy


Imron was once a respected adventurer, before the majority of his party was killed by the dragon Hookface. Eye-witness reports, backed up by (poorly-worded) divinations led them to believe that Hookface had left his lair, and that his horde would be undefended. In truth, the red dragon that was seen flying east was not Hookface, but one of his progeny (perhaps even Gortio, the dragon later killed by the FOC). When Imron’s party attempted to steal from Hookface’s hoard, the old dragon briefly roused from his sleep just long enough to kill everyone but Imron.

Before this tragedy, Imron and his friends had become quite wealthy from the successful quest to assassinate the frost giant Jarl Khurok. As the party’s sole inheritor, Imron had enough money to buy himself a mansion in Cauldron and settle into a career pursuing his true passion: painting. Imron’s works (often magically enhanced) were the toast of the town, and he remained in high demand even in semi-retirement.

However, the trauma of losing his friends, and the guilt of surviving where they had died, apparently continued to gnaw at the reclusive wizard. While Imron led a successful and respected public life for many years, he was plagued by terrible dreams. Eventually his pain attracted a living nightmare from the plane of dreams, who saw great potential in a mind as conflicted and talented as Imron’s. This creature encouraged Imron’s darker impulses while teaching him to harness greater and greater forms of paint magic. The poor man’s mind finally fractured completely with the completion of his magnum opus, the Id Portrait, which allowed him to literally split himself into multiple personalities.

After Imron’s madness caused him attempt the assassination of his former patron, Lord Vhalantru, the Stormblades were asked to investigate his home. They found and defeated two of the alternate personalities, but lost Todd Vanderboren to the rampaging berzerker persona (he will be missed, for the couple of days it will take the Temple of Wee Jas to get around to raising him). The remaining Stormblades then slew the dream creature in Imron’s gallery and the alchemical golem guarding the Id Portrait, bfore taking the portrait and the bound “rogue” personality to the Temple of Wee Jas. In the temple rectory, High Priestess Embril Aloustanai managed to eject Imron from the painting by killing the “rogue”.

Free from the Id Portrait, Imron explained the deranged reasons for his actions. Seeing how dangerous he could be, the Stormblades handed him and his painting over to Embril, and everything was wrapped up in a neat little bow.

Or was it? What was that Imron was babbling about the Smoking Eye and Adimarchus? Why did his paintings seem to make reference to the Demon Lord Grazzt? What was up with the cage motifs? If only the Stormblades had the information they needed to decipher these clues…

Imron was last seen by the Stormblades gibbering and writhing in Embril Aloustanai’s rectory. The FOC have never met or seen Imron, because he’s not actually from the Shackled City Adventure Path, but from a 3.5 module that fit in surprisingly well with the themes of the campaign.

Imron Gauthfallow

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