Haanu Pershai

Founder of the MTA, no-nonsense cop who plays by the rules


Haanu fought for years to establish the Magical Threats Agency. It was only after the flooding crisis caused by the Ebon Triad that the city government started taking her seriously. Haanu has assembled a team of spellcasters, trained specifically to deal with evil spellcasters and magical threats. Unfortunately, the agency remains critically under-funded, and Haanu has been forced to start making her own wands.

Haanu was the direct superior of former FOC member Mutt, who was killed by a confused Quinn in Vaprak’s Voice.

Haanu recently assisted the Stormblades in their investigation of Imron Gauthfallow, and the subsequent warehouse fight. She was partly assisting them based on a theory that someone was murdering adventurers in Cauldron, as evidenced by the death (however temporary) of Sir Alek Tercival, and the disappearance of Doug. She was about ready to give up on that theory until the Bone Devil showed up.

Haanu was last seen by the Stormblades beaten, bloody, but victorious in an alleyway behind a warehouse. She was last seen by the FOC yelling cliche cop phrases at Mutt before he left to find Sir Alek Tercival.

Haanu Pershai

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