Fellian Shard

One half of "Fellian and Fario", those slippery half-elves


Fellian is something of a mystery,. Although he claims to be a cleric of Fharlanghn, it’s clear that he also has some thieving abilities. He claims that he has the best interests of Cauldron in mind, but he and his partner Fario Ellegoth tend not to share information about their organization with anyone.

The FOC first met Fario and Fellian during their very first adventure, tracking down the people kidnapped by the slavers operating out of the Malachite Fortress and Jzadirune. At the time, they were posing as investigators working for the city of Cauldron (a tactic that later backfired, as they are now wanted by the guard for impersonating city officials). When challenged by the FOC, they claimed to be merely good Samaritans trying to find a missing friend of theirs (which also proved to be a lie). They vanished when the crowd arrived to cheer on the rescue of the kidnap victims.

They continued to help out the party from time to time over the next few months, notably during the fight against the Ebon Triad over the wands of control water.

Eventually, at the urging of Shensen Tesseril, Fario and Fellian admitted that they (along with Shensen) were members of a secret society called “The Striders of Fharlanghn”, and that they were in Cauldron to oppose the machinations of “The Cagewrights”, an evil organization with ties to the prison-plane of Carceri. They claimed that the Cagewrights often infiltrated the nobility and city governments, and so they suspected that some of the higher-ups in Cauldron may actually be Cagewright agents.

Believing that the Cagewrights or their agents are targeting adventuring parties, Fellian has lately been working incognito with the Stormblades. He has chosen the name “Rashid Al-Feln” for his alter ego, an anagram of his real name. Shensen believes that this just proves Fellian is a total dork.

Fellian Shard

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