Embril Aloustanai

Evil high priestess of Wee Jas


Embril is the driving force behind the success of the Temple of Wee Jas in Cauldron. The powerful magic items she creates have brought both wealth and fame to the Temple. After the deaths of the senior priests of Pelor almost a year ago, and the death of the previous high priest of St. Cuthbert at the hands of Tongue-Eater, Embril is almost certainly the most powerful cleric remaining in Cauldron.

She is known as a bit of a recluse, and spends most of her time doing magical research, but she still makes the time to attend Thifirane Rhiavadi’s extravagant parties (the fact that Thifirane is her wealthiest parishioner might have something to do with this.)

During the interlude with the Stormblades, Imron Gauthfallow and his evil magic painting were given to Embril (after Embril released him from said painting by killing his “rogue” persona).

When the FOC stormed the temple of Wee Jas, the letters they found in Embril’s rectory indicated that she is actually a member of the Cagewrights! She had been corresponding with another Cagewright, Fetor Abradius, about the “Soul Pillars” of Karran-Kural, an ancient Spell-Weaver ruin. As this was the best lead they had at the time, the FOC decided to seek out Karran-Kural and discover whatever ancient lore Fetor Abradius had found there.

During their Sasserine field trip, the FOC spoke with Embril’s former mentor, Annah Terakani, the high priest of Wee Jas in Sasserine. It was a tense meeting, with each side uncertain about the motives of the other, but a frank discussion inside a zone of truth cleared up any misgivings. Annah made clear that Embril’s actions were not sanctioned by the Church of Wee Jas, and that she would support any effort to bring her former apprentice to justice.

Embril Aloustanai

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