Ekaym Smallcask

"The Honest Minstrel", asks annoying riddles, Bard


Ekaym Smallcask is the resident bard and linguist of the Chisel. He seems to be quite fond of riddles.

The FOC first met Ekaym at the Redhead Miner’s Inn in Redgorge, shortly before meeting Alek Tercival for the first time. He insisted on asking them a riddle before telling them anything useful.

They met him again before the meeting with the Chisel in the Hall of Carvings, after Maavu Arlintal’s tax riot. The party had to answer his riddle before he would let them in. Maavu had given them the answer earlier, so the FOC answered it before he was finished asking. During the meeting, Ekaym got into a bit of a tiff with Maavu. The gist of the argument was that Ekaym thinks Maavu cares more about money than people, and Maavu thinks Ekaym is a coward unwilling to fight for his freedom.

The FOC last saw Ekaym when the returned to the House of Carvings hoping to speak with Oliron Masht about the Cagewright named “Fish”. Oliron didn’t have the information they were looking for, but Ekaym was able to fill them in.

Ekaym Smallcask

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