Davked Splintershield

Doppelganger who duped the party into thinking he was the real Davked


Davked is the father of Zenith Splintershield, the former ruler of the Malachite Hold that the FOC found spouting crazy prophesies in a Kuo-Toa stronghold. A woman named Celeste approached the party on behalf of Davked, and the two of them tasked the FOC with finding Zenith and bringing him to Cauldron.

Davked explained that his wife, on her deathbed, cursed him for driving away their three sons. The Dwarven gods apparently gave effect to her curse, as Davked was afflicted with a wasting sickness that no magic could cure. Only by reconciling with his sons could the curse be lifted. Davked had succeeded in making up with two of his sons, but Zenith was trapped in Bhal-Hamatugn after an ill-considered crusade to liberate the underdark from evil.

The party only met Davked at that initial meeting, but Lord Vhalantru assured the party that Zenith’s remains would be returned to Davked and resurrected to allow for their reconciliation.

Turns out that Davked was never in Cauldron, and the dwarf that the FoC met was really a doppelganger working for Vhalantru. They later turned him to stone when they found him at House Vhalantru. Strangely, he was dripping acid from his skin at the time.

Davked Splintershield

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