Coryston Pike

Relapsed adventurer, sorcerer, probationary Stormblades member


Coryston is the sole surviving member of The Greenblades, once the most celebrated adventuring party in Cauldron. An ambush by a gang of trolls put an end to the Greenblades, and nearly killed Coryston herself. After ten years of retirement, she decided to get back into the adventuring life by joining the Stormblades, although her “probationary” status is increasingly annoying after several months of working with the group.

Coryston was one of the people the FOC rescued from the Malachite Fortress in their very first adventure. While she was grateful for the rescue, she was a little irked that the party took the potion of Cure Moderate Wounds that was hidden in her walking stick without even asking her. Coryston is apparently capable of holding a grudge for a remarkably long time.

After a gesture of kindness from Doug, Coryston seems to have finally forgiven the FOC.

She and the other Stormblades were last seen preparing to storm the keep of Jarl Khurok, responding to rumours that the evil frost giant ruler has risen from the grave.

Coryston Pike

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