Cora Lathenmire

Swashbuckler, not quite a noble, Stormblades member


Cora is the Stormblades’ primary front-line fighter. She joined the group mostly just to spend more time with her boyfriend, Zachary Aslaxin II, but has found that she greatly enjoys adventuring (most of the time). Out of the four permanent members of the Stormblades, Cora is the only non-noble.

The Lathenmires, while falling short of official nobility, are extremely wealthy weapon and armour merchants. Cora first developed an interest in duelling while playing with weapons her parents had designed.

She and the other Stormblades were last seen preparing to storm the keep of Jarl Khurok, responding to rumours that the evil frost giant ruler has risen from the grave.

Cora Lathenmire

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