Mysterious patron lady. Turns out she's a Ghaele Eladrin.


Celeste approached the party after they dealt with the rampaging Umber Hulk that was trashing Cauldron’s business district. She hired them on behalf of Davked Splintershield, a Dwarf who claimed to be suffering from a horrible wasting curse that would only be lifted by reconciling with his estranged sons. She and Davked asked them to travel to Bhal-Hamatugn, and return with Davked’s last son, Zenith Splintershield (the former lord of the Malachite hold).

Celeste arranged for the paladin Sir Alek Tercival to accompany the FOC, but he left them before they even reached the entrance to the Underdark.

At the Cusp of Sunrise, she also proved to be pretty amazing at playing the harpsichord.

Celeste was seen looking annoyed as Alek Tercival rode through Cauldron in the opposite direction to Bhal-Hamatugn. She didn’t show up to take possession of Zenith’s remains, but Lord Vhalantru filled in for her, giving the party the promised reward.

Her absence was later explained when the FoC found her trapped in a painting below House Vhalantru, having been put there by Vhalantru himself after being charmed into helping him. In reality, Celeste is a Ghaele Eladrin (Agathion in the Pathfinder Bestiary) who claims to work for a good archmage. She was investigating Vhalantru when she stumbled into more than she bargained for.

After she was freed from the magic painting by the FoC, she assisted them in combat with Vhalantru the beholder. She was even kind enough to spring for a resurrection spell for Cadfael.


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