Artus Shemwick

Fence, snitch, seller of important campaign information


Artus works at the Tipped Tankard Tavern, but mostly uses his position there as a way to pass information to the City Guard in exchange for coin. His information is usually accurate, but rarely leads to any major arrests. Some guards suspect that he makes more money selling information about them to the Last Laugh.

When the Ebon Triad stole the wands of control water at the beginning of Cauldron’s monsoon season, the FOC received a cryptic divination from the Star of Justice that led them to track down Artus. In the basement of the Tipped Tankard, he sold them information that led them to the Kopru ruins outside of town (after being “persuaded” to drastically lower his asking price).

Artus was also the one who told the Stormblades, through Todd Vanderboren, about the rumour that Fellian and Fario might be involved in the slave trade in Kingfisher Hollow. This rumour turned out to be wholly inaccurate.

The FOC last saw Artus in the basement of the Tipped Tankard.

Artus Shemwick

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