Lord Ankhin Taskerhill

Super-rich noble with independent adventurer daughter


The Taskerhill family owns several mines surrounding Cauldron, as well as a workshop specializing in the creation of exquisite obsidian furniture and artwork (some would call them ‘knick-knacks’). Lord Ankhin has a near-stranglehold on the obsidian trade in the region, and he has worked tirelessly to keep his closest rival, Zachary Aslaxin I, from undercutting his monopoly.

Ankhin is the father of Annah Taskerhill, leader of the Stormblades. Ankhin strongly disapproves of Annah’s adventuring, as well as her association with Zachary Aslaxin II, but is generally unable to deny his only daughter’s wishes. He hopes that she will eventually marry and settle down with someone rich and/or respected, and so he is constantly encouraging suitors to pursue her. Annah, thus far, has shown no interest in marrying anyone in the foreseeable future.

Lady Taskerhill left Ankhin shortly after Annah was born, and there are rumours that Ankhin used his influence to drive her out of the city, never to return.

The Stormblades last saw Ankhin trying to set up his daughter with a rich mercenary captain twice her age. The FOC last saw him at the Cusp of Sunrise, where he made token gestures of civility and suggested that one of you should consider dating his daughter.

Lord Ankhin Taskerhill

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