Alek Tercival

Rejuvenated Paladin of St. Cuthbert


Alek Tercival is a paladin of St. Cuthbert. He is the childhood friend of Jenya Urikas, and one of the last descendants of a founding family of Cauldron. He was once known around town for his freakish strength, before it was revealed that his might came from an ancient spell-weaver elixir that also clouded his judgement.

During his period of lost faith, he took several levels in a ranger archetype that allowed him to enter a berzerker rage (perhaps because he missed the elixir). He is currently retraining his ranger levels back into paladin levels, and can no longer rage.

The party first met him near Redgorge, where he was hunting a band of Babau demons from the Demonscar who were harassing the town. The party helped him defeat these demons, but sadly lost one of their own in the process.

Later, Alek agreed to help them rescue Zenith Splintershield from the Kuo-Toa stronghold of Bhal-Hamatugn at the behest of Davked Splintershield and a mysterious woman named Celeste. He “helped” the party defeat a red dragon who was attacking the hermit Crazy Jared, but unexpectedly left the next day (to receive another dose of the strength-boosting elixir, he now admits).

Much later, as part of a plan concocted by Maavu Arlintal of The Chisel, he challenged the captain of the city guard, Tereson Skellerang, to a duel. Based on the old law of peers (applicable only to descendants of the founding families of Cauldron), this would have allowed Alek to replace Skellerang. When Alek vanished immediately after the challenge was published (by Maavu Arlintal), rumours about demon possession and anti-government conspiracies began to circulate. Acting on these rumours, Captain Skellerang ordered a march on Redgorge, home of The Chisel. The party rushed to find Sir Tercival and return him to Cauldron in the hopes that his calling off the challenge and explaining himself would halt this invasion.

Following in Alek’s footsteps, the party explored the ruins of Vaprak’s Voice, a ruined Spell-Weaver enclave at the edge of the Demonscar. After a trip through the magical maze inside the Starry Mirror, they found Alek in an ancient Spell-Weaver vault hundreds of miles from Cauldron. He had been lost for weeks in the Starry Mirror, and had spent days clawing at the exit to the vault, and as a result he had gone insane with despair.

Almost immediately after being rescued, Alek was killed by Nabthatoron, lord of the Demonscar. His body was taken to Sigil, and from there was delivered to the Church of St. Cuthbert in Cauldron, where he was returned to life and cured of his insanity. Alek testified at a meeting of town nobles and officials that he was fooled and manipulated by a trio of hags disguised as trumpet archons, and that he wished to rescind the challenge against Tereson Skellerang. As expected, the mayor of Cauldron, Severen Navalant, chose to call off the invasion of Redgorge.

In an effort to cure Alek of his depression, and hopefully allow him to regain his faith, the FOC brought him on a quest to the Haunted Village (formerly Liduton). As they had hoped, defeating the undead lurking in the village and recovering the holy shield from the defiled temple of St. Cuthbert was exactly what Tercival needed to regain his faith and recover his paladin powers.

Sir Tercival returned the favour by assisting the FOC in storming Caludron’s Temple of Wee Jas. He was surprisingly effective against Ike Iverson and his undead minions, especially when Iverson summoned columns of wind to block Quinn and Ezekiel’s arrows.

He was less effective in the tunnels below House Vhalantru, where he was killed by a Demodand. He got better.

Alek Tercival

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