Lady Aeberrin Vanderboren

Rags-to-riches noble, moral crusader.


Aeberrin came to Cauldron from Sasserine with Premiach Vanderboren, the man she would later marry. Although Premiach came from a wealthy and respected noble house, they were determined to succeed without his family’s assistance. Aeberrin worked as a server at the Drunken Morkoth Inn, pooling her money with Premiach until they could begin investing in business and real estate. Years later, thanks to Aeberrin’s negotiating skills and Premiach’s natural business sense, the Vanderborens are now very wealthy members of Cauldron’s nobility.

While the Vanderborens are both known for their generosity and kindness, Aeberrin is by far the most active in championing social justice and the rights of the less fortunate. The Lantern Street Orphanage was originally her idea, for instance. She also convinced her husband to agree to adopt their son Todd (although raising him has proven more difficult than any of their ventures, past or present). Aeberrin did her best to show kindness to the moody youth (when she wasn’t engrossed in her charity work), but Todd has never been able to reciprocate her feelings. Aeberrin wonders if Todd might have turned out differently if she had been more strict with him as he was growing up. She fears that her husband’s ‘hands-off’ approach to parenting has left him without a moral compass, and that it may be too late for him to reform his ways.

Premiach and Aeberrin are also the sponsors of FOC member Quinn. Aeberrin is fascinated by Quinn’s work, and considers the rediscovery of Cauldron’s ancient history to be one of her favourite charitable endeavours.

The Stormblades last saw the Vanderborens rushing from City Hall towards the Cathedral of Wee Jas to see their recently murdered son, following Lady Aeberrin’s impassioned speech opposing the invasion of Redgorge.

Quinn saw the Vanderborens after returning the Cauldron from Occipitus. They were very happy to see him.

Lady Aeberrin Vanderboren

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