Adrick Garthun

Maavu's rival, shoddy businessman, Last Laugh Stooge


Adrick Garthun is apparently the primary distributor, if not manufacturer, of the “Jester” coins created by the Last Laugh thieves’ guild. He runs an import/export business that has become much more profitable now that Maavu has been run out of town. He wears a black leather half-mask with a black gem to cover up his missing eye. He also has a full set of golden teeth, which he enjoys showing off at every opportunity. He is followed almost everywhere by his bodyguards, Daxavalt and Kerg

Quinn met Adrick at the Cusp of Sunrise, where he won a game of “snatch the gem” against the man. Adrick used the game as an opportunity to accuse the Maavu of shady dealings, and build the foundation of a business relationship with the FOC.

The FOC came up with a plan to inspect his business by offering him a job shipping a pair of T-Rexes to Sassarine. The fact that the party no longer had a par of T-Rexes did not seem to be a serious complication to the plan, which devolved mostly into a series of warrantless searches of Adrick’s places of business. This transitioned into straight-up robbery at Maavu’s office. The FOC found fairly conclusive evidence that he was helping the Last Laugh during these searches, so their actions were retroactively justified, probably.

Weeks later, Adrick began funding a negative PR campaign against the FOC (evidently on the orders of the leader of the Last Laugh). At the same time, he was shipping undead-creation materials out the the Haunted Village at the behest of the temple of Wee Jas. When the FOC attempted to confront him over these offences, they were attacked by two different versions of Adrick: one was a filthy rogue who had Adrick’s golden teeth but not his eyepatch, and the other was an armoured warrior with an eyepatch and regular teeth. Both dissolved into puddles of magic paint when killed, just like the creatures created by Imron Gauthfallow.

The real Adrick Garthun was later killed when the FoC crashed the party at House Rhiavadi.

Adrick Garthun

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