The Shackled City, Pathfinderized!

Post-Hiatus Recap!

In the last several sessions, the FoC have:

  • Toppled the Church of Wee Jas in Cauldron (after finding out that their head priestess, Embril Aloustanai, is a Cagewright),
  • Helped Alek Tercival restore his faith by bringing him on a quest to retrieve a holy shield from the Haunted Village
  • Explored the ancient spell-weaver ruin of Karran Kural
  • Defeated the guardian of the Soul Pillars, the massive necromantic artifacts inside Karran Kural
  • Tangled with the Cagewright loremaster named Fetor Abradius (who managed to escape the encounter)
  • Learned a great many secrets by having Cadfael question the Soul Pillars
  • Explored Sasserine, and learned that Embril Aloustanai does not have the support of her superiors there
  • Tracked down and thwarted a plot by the Last Laugh and the Cagewrights to kill several member’s of Sasserine’s Dawn Council
  • Crashed a meeting between Lady Thifirane Rhiavadi (revealed to be a Cagewright) and representatives of several evil organizations in the region

The meeting at House Rhiavadi was attended by:

  • Zarn “The Blue Duke” Kyass. Leader of the Half-Orc mercenaries, and secretly an Ogre Magi.
  • Adrick Garthun. Proprietor of “Garthun’s Imports”, ally of the Last Laugh thieves’ guild, and frequent thorn in the side of the FoC.
  • Mhad. A vampire monk associated with the Necrocants, an evil adventuring party who recently lost three of their members in a fight with the FoC at the Haunted Village.
  • Hate. A dread wraith that Mhad wore like a cloak.
  • Velior “The Jester” Thazo. The Half-Fiend leader of the Last Laugh thieves’ guild.
  • Zarik Dhor. A half-minotaur, half-dragon. Was a representative of “The Sons of Dhorlot”, an organization apparently made up of descendants of Cadfael’s grandpa, “Dhorlot the All-Father”.
  • Najak. A gnoll demon-worshiper representing the forces of the Demonskar.

While the party was eavesdropping, Thifirane (who had somehow acquired a third eye that shot lasers) explained to the assembled villains that the Cagewrights were on the brink of finishing their “Ritual of Planar Junction”, which would link the plane of Carceri to the Material Plane. She also revealed that the leadership of Cauldron would be exterminated at the meeting of the council of nobles in two days.

In preparation for the coming coup d’etat, the Cagewrights desired that any organizations who could possibly stand in their way be eliminated. This included the FoC, the Stormblades, the Chisel, the Striders of Fharlanghn, and the Monks of the Silver Dream.

The FoC, along with Fario Ellegoth, defeated each of the representatives (even turning Thifirane to stone). During the fight, negative energy attacks from the dread wraith somehow healed Cadfael, while positive energy channeled by Ezekiel burned his flesh. A mysterious invisible draconic spellcaster (that the FoC had encountered twice before) showed up near the end of the battle, but it teleported away once Zarik Dhor was killed.

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